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Orchestrelle 2000

Christchurch  Park, Ipswich

About the Band

Fiddlers elbow is a high energy, Irish influenced folk/rock band, whose

trademark sound - a rock band with electric fiddle effects, has proved a

winning combination.

Based in Suffolk, England, the band has been playing for about fifteen years.

During that time they have played in Belgium, Holland and various parts of

the UK. They performed to thousands at the Orchestrelle concert in Christ-

church Park, Ipswich in 1999, and again in 2000, and to over 7000 people

at the Thetford International Carnival in 2004.

They play regularly all over East Anglia and further afield, at both public and private events of all kinds.

and their special mix of music has proved consistently popular with people of all ages. Fiddlers Elbow

play a unique combination of popular Irish songs and Jigs - (both old and new) - as well as some more

modern pop songs, Cajun bluegrass, rock and roll and plenty more. None of the songs are done as

straight ‘cover versions.’ Instead they are played in Fiddlers Elbow’s unique style - which has much to

do with the band’s enduring popularity. This is music to really get any party going. The bands always

aims to get people dancing and keep them dancing!

Their CD, “Bury Alive” was recorded early in 2004, and can be yours for just £5.00!!


Fidlders Elbow - Orchestrelle, 2000